10 July 2010

Conquering Animal Sound / Debutant - split 7" (2010, Gerry Loves)

Split 7inch between two bands from Edinburgh. On one side, using loops, beats, keyboards, the fresh vocals of Anneke and more traditional instruments too, Conquering Animal Sounds is two piece from Edinburg. They remind me of Tenniscoats, Trouble Books or Anois, with some Bjork accents in the vocals. "Giant" and "Wild Things" are two nice interesting songs, well conceived and constructed.

The big discovery is on the other side, Debutant is the solo project of Phillip Quirie, using an electric guitar, a loop pedal and his voice for soft and vaporous dreamy melancholic songs that will please fans of July Skies, Chuzzlewit, Brian and Songs of Green Pheasant, but his focus is for a certain part on songwriting and depth, with a definite slowcore vibe so it's not a real surprise to discover that he is a fan of Mark Kozelek, and that he as been listening intensively to american bands dealing with tension and release, like Appleseed Cast, American Football or Seam.

“Thirst” and “Definition” are like ghost of songs, soundscapes of sensitive guitar playing, lost in soft icy reverb with whispered warm and intimate vocals, both have got an addictive quality. Both seem almost bland at first but after having listened to many times, the hidden subtlety stars to become obvious. All of his other songs floating around on the internet are really great and a first full length is expected this year. Debutant is a major personal discovery for me, like finding a new friend.

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