16 April 2011

Saito Koji - candle (2009, Resting Bell)

A long, warm, comforting, blurry drone by a Japanese musician who specialized himself into soft, long monotonous, elastic and hypnotic drones.

If some early works by Rafael, Toral, the most ambient tendencies of The Stars of the Lid, the more minimalist side of Hammock or William Basinski are obvious elements of comparison, Saio Koji is principally drifting in his own dreamy word.

"Candle' is a powerful narcoleptic achievement and before a few minutes you'll find yourself yawning and lost into the contemplation of blue skies, green pastures or textured forest and hills dancing with light behind a train widow.

Apparently he is using only processed guitar on this record, building pulsating and slowly evolving looped waves of sound.

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