31 July 2012

Kate Carr - return to new caledonia (Flaming Pines, 2012)

New EP for Kate Carr, "Return to New Caledonia" has been conceived using field recordings taken during a holiday trip in New Caledonia.

But we are far from atmospheric soundscapes, as the final result is mostly abstract and keeps a distance with colored emotional perspectives.

The Front Bottoms - the front bottoms (Bar/None, 2011)

The Front Bottoms are supposed to be just a two-piece acoustic-dance-indie-punk band, based out of Bergen County, NJ, one among many others, anonymous, efficient but not particularly remarkable, but no, their first album fro Bar/None records really simply stands apart.

29 July 2012

The Green Kindgom - incidental music (2012, Tench)

Seventh album by Michael Cottone, each one strangely on a different, but always respected indie label.

And I just noticed he is n°11 of my top artists on last.fm. Well I didn't realized he took so much importance in my aural life. Which is why maybe I feel directly connected to this new record,  not really able to start to criticize, much more in a discovery process of new developments which will join his previous corpus.

28 July 2012

S ND Y P RL RS - rex (Umor Rex, 2012)

It has been a slow process, the transformation fo Songs for Sunday Parlours into Sunday Parlours and next into S ND Y P RL RS, but it's the change of style which has been dramatic, from warm melancholic acoustic songs towards spectral and desperate electric soundscapes tending towards drone and dark ambient, where the vocals are mostly just whispers, for a result I would describe as Flying Saucer Attack sharing his sadness with Zelienople under the quietening effects of sleeping pills, or Roy Montgomery inside a barely lightened cave.

25 July 2012

Good Night & Good Morning - narrowing type (2012, Own Records)

"Narrowing Type" is both a demanding and rewarding album. Demanding because it is austere, like a July Skies, like a Bark Psychosis, like a Movietone, like a This Invitation record.

16 July 2012

Gifts - winter ep (2012)

Well, not so utterly extraordinary, but take the time to sit down, have a look on the lyrics and let the songs shake you. It is emotional, it is intimate too, it is haunted, sincere, humble and intense and the guitars are beautiful.