16 July 2012

Gifts - winter ep (2012)

Well, not so utterly extraordinary, but take the time to sit down, have a look on the lyrics and let the songs shake you. It is emotional, it is intimate too, it is haunted, sincere, humble and intense and the guitars are beautiful. 

"Winter" EP by Gifts is the solo work of Aidan Feliciano, playing guitar and singing. He has been playing in various screamo/emo/hardcore/punk bands I wouldn't dare to even try to listen to but down here it's an entirely different matter and somewhat it falls somewhere between Kind of Like Spitting and American Football, with a nice relieving tension underneath showing he knows his math/emocore classics.

Apparently, since this EP, a drummer joined Gifts and it can only be good addition as they will be able to expand their textures and structures in more original directions (and the appetizer "Poem" on Bandcamp makes me just want to cross my finger and believe in this new level of subtlety).

These are songs which push your forward which give you oxygen and introspective moods, just bigger than what they were supposed to be. 

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