24 June 2012

Purr - outlook (2012)

Purr (not to be confused with the French trio of the late nineties) is the solo project of an ambient musician from Melbourne.

And I find myself once again interested in this Australian ambient atmospheric scene, strangely translating the big open spaces and the immensity of their continent. 

So yes, as seen from above, on the Northern hemisphere, Purr belongs to this category of musicians including people such as Narrative, Kate Carr, Scissor Lock, Anonymeye,  Shoeb Ahmad or Seaworthy. 

"Outlook" is his third release, featuring a collection of five tracks for 24 minutes, conceived between 2005 and 2010. I've had a quick listen of his two previous releases and this ones seems really superior, much more subtle and sensitive. 

If guitar is a key element, processing through hiss, harmonics, hum, static noises and similar  creates comforting textures through nocturnal atmospheres and feelings of loneliness and emptiness.

I find this record nicely appeasing.

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