18 February 2007

Songs For Sunday Parlours - ep (Poni Republic, 2007)

This is the second ep by Songs for Sunday Parlours, at first once again a self-released cdr with precious artwork in late 2006, but finally reissued as a netrelease on Poni Republic early 2007.

Seven tracks for almost nineteen minutes, and the result are even more minimalist than on their debut ep. Malte Jantzen and Saskia Waldeck mix their voice for delicate shy and whispered harmonies. They use soft acoustic guitar and some sparse bass, keyboard and harmonica notes.

16 January 2007

Songs For Sundays Parlours - the 4 song ep (2005)

Songs for Sunday Parlours is the project of Malte Jantzen and Saskia Melina Waldeck, a duo, sometimes a trio, from Nordhessen, Germany. The started in 2005, and at the end of this year they released this first demo ep of acoustic lo-fi folk songs.

02 January 2007

Monovalley - deception island ep (2006)

When I discovered the French band Acetate Zero with their first album “Softcore Paradise” in 1999, I’ve been directly under the charm of Elsa Diot’s voice, hoping that she would take more place in the future of the band. But even if the following discography of this always underestimated band is more than recommended, this particular fact never happened, Acetate Zero always worked as a band.