27 November 2011

Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer – in a place of such graceful shapes (12k, 2011)

During the last days of autumn in 2010, Taylor Deupree and Marcus Fischer started a long distance collaboration project, exchanging sound files,but after a few rough sketches, limitations and frustrations occurred and a plane ticket from Portland to New York for Marcus solved the problem.

During four intensive days in February 2001, while winter was in full force, they conceived most of the guidelines of this project, from music to pictures.

13 November 2011

Loom - epyllion (2011)

There are, songwriters which never confirm their first promising steps and just run onto a sandbank, and are, finally, more or less, quickly forgotten as false alarms.

But usually, many of them exchange, at least, a part of their charm and innocence for a more produced, more traditionally composed full length. While the initial effect might be diluted, it's still easy to go on as a listener.

05 November 2011

He died while hunting - we used to dream awake (2011, Tipostal / Totokoko)

There are some bands you are condemned to enjoy, condemned to like, because they come from your area, because the musicians are nice guys, but mostly because, two thirds of their artistic references are also yours (Carissa's Wierd, Low, Pedro the Lion, Idaho, ...) and more importantly because they manage to sound good and adopt an approach you can compare esthetically to other European (very rare and precious) indie bands (like Anois, Komeït, Apeiron, My Autumn Empire, Acetate Zero, ...).

03 November 2011

Craig Colorusso - sun boxes 7inch (2011)

Sun Boxes in an installation, created by Craig Colorusso, of twenty speakers operating independently, each powered by the sun via solar panels, each one plays repeatedly a different guitar note loop of a definite length. These guitar notes collectively make a Bb chord.

02 November 2011

Nobuto Suda - day when spirits of the dead's wraps you and me (2011, Absence of Wax)

New release by Nobuto Suda and the second one I discover (having started with "The locus of the life".

Released on the netlabel Absence of Wax, "Day when spirits of the dead's wraps you and me" is an instrumental dronelike track of 14 minutes.

01 November 2011

Chris Watson - el tren fantasma (2011, Touch)

Each Chris Watson release is a mystery, through which finally you realize you are using just a small part of your hearing, and so it is stimulating as you're taken as passenger and listener of his own quests and explorations.

He is not someone pretending to a career or to a reputation through his record, and his record are always a conjunction of both attraction and elaboration of soundscapes through the use of field recordings.