29 July 2012

The Green Kindgom - incidental music (2012, Tench)

Seventh album by Michael Cottone, each one strangely on a different, but always respected indie label.

And I just noticed he is n°11 of my top artists on last.fm. Well I didn't realized he took so much importance in my aural life. Which is why maybe I feel directly connected to this new record,  not really able to start to criticize, much more in a discovery process of new developments which will join his previous corpus.

So no, his intimate, soft and quiet, sensitive and appeasing approach of ambient music hasn't really changed so much, even though yes it is a different album where, if he is not stricto senso repeating himself, he is comforting long time fans as myself and potentially very slowly expanding his audience.

There is a certain selfishness in enjoying a seventh album as yes, your expectations for novelties are elsewhere, it's more like passing through paths you totally know but one season after, a new late summer in the garden, in the park, where everything if familiar but also rich of the differences of the instant.

I've grown to love every record by Michael Cottone and this one won't make a difference of scenario. It is a redeeming music, some tracks just open to your ears directly an are ultimately beautiful yet you know it is nothing comparable with what you may feel, six months, one year or two from now when the same track will finally reappear through a shuffle playlist on my way back and forth to work.

What can be said of "Incidental music" is that it's a particularly quiet and minimal record and some of these tracks are surprisingly exquisite, "Whispered Through Pines", "Green Theme", "Cherry Theme" and "Backyard Epiphany".

A new great addition to the Green Kingdom discography.

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