31 July 2012

Kate Carr - return to new caledonia (Flaming Pines, 2012)

New EP for Kate Carr, "Return to New Caledonia" has been conceived using field recordings taken during a holiday trip in New Caledonia.

But we are far from atmospheric soundscapes, as the final result is mostly abstract and keeps a distance with colored emotional perspectives.

So "Return to New Caledonia" doesn't belong to the same category as her two previous EP "Brisbane River" and "Summer Floods" which were overtly personal but marks a return to more formal, theoretical, distant  almost acousmatic explorations which were typical on her previous EPs ("First Day Back", "Testing").

But not totally. Those field recordings take so much place that it is impossible not to think about Chris Watson as a reference. It is almost obvious on the opening and closing track with layers of sound, from the forefront and background are intertwined. I clearly enjoy these two tracks.

Besides, I really don't get the three other tracks and cannot relate to the use of a bass line as example or of sounds  can only interpret as annoying for my ears.

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