02 August 2012

S.R.Félix - ep (My Little Cab, 2012)

There are plenty of interesting instrumental ambient records released monthly if not weekly, and it is simply impossible to keep up with these. As a listener, I'm looking for an identity, a particular perspective, and mostly for depth, sensitivity, warmth and melancholy.

This is the debut EP of Simon René Félix, an ambient folk musician from Lille (France). He is embracing the warm, quiet and atmospheric side of the genre.

Besides making music Simon also enjoys taking photographs of natural landscapes which then fill his tumblr. I strongly recommend watching his photographs while listening to his music as the combination of both will slowly but surely delimit his own silhouette behind both expressions. 

What I really like into his music is the delicate sense of humility and intimacy which are translated. This EP is like a wildflower which will slowly open with the morning sun, adding its transient beauty to the setting. 

My favorite tracks is "Leaving Home" with the electric guitar playing the main role, full of melancholy and nostalgia. Certain compositions are more conventional, like "We Walk Until The End", "Until the end" or the piano based "The Wind Dies". I prefer the icy, ethereal introspection of "A River In Winter" or when emotions are overwhelming the piano with delicacy as on "Old Memories". 

A promising debut EP.


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