11 August 2012

Eyedress - half japanese (2012, Number Line)

Idris Vicuña plays guitar for Bee Eyes but when he is busy with his solo project he almost totally forgets the guitar and embraces an immoderate love for all things synths, keyboards, beats and related to electro chillwave.

He released an instrumental album last June, called "Nature Trips" but forgot one important element, the vocals, and I find it indigestible.

It could have been the end of the story but two months later he already reinvented himself. Though the musical nature haven't changed, the tempo is quieter and mostly he started to sing.

It's a record which seems to come from another world and while "Nature Trips" sounded anonymous, here I discover something truly, amazingly, unique. I suspect he loves Wild Nothing and Craft Spells even more than me but really he is developing his own thing.

I deeply enjoy the sweet melancholic nostalgia of "Mountbatten", I find it amazing how he reaches a subtle intimate level, it's a song I want to listen to again and again while watching the sun rising everyday on my way to work.

Strong, unruffled beats are paving the melody of the lighthearted "Teen Spirits", making it more generic. It's just like if a part of interaction and candor was missing which makes me enjoy like-minded Magnetic Fields songs so much.  

Next track, "Tokyo Ghost" is simply superb, emotional and introversive, strangely reminding me of The London Apartments. I love how deep and personal this song is, and the result is particularly moving.

On the last track, "Death bed", vocals are offered by Cat Cortes and it's the kind of somber lullaby you could expect on a Memoryhouse record if they were trying to emulate the proximity and directness of the Young Marble Giants. It's a wonderful song, and I feel wordless, disarmed about it.

"Half Japanese" is not a perfect EP but it sounds like the real debut of someone you'll really want to follow closely as he's able to capture priceless emotions.



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