10 August 2012

Kane Ikin - sublunar (2012, 12k)

First solo full-length release from Kane Ikin, who is also one half of Solo Andata, and who recently recorded one album with David Wenngren (Library Tapes). "Sublunar" follows the "Contail EP" (2011).

At first the moist, dense and warm atmospheres of the record made me think of Pan American, but the nearly absence of regular beats and melodies as central driving force made me realize it was somewhat a misdirection.

"Sublunar" is not an easy record as most tracks are not particularly inviting. It sounds like it was recorded at night, when everyone was sleeping, as both quietness and somnolence pervade this record, and as it is mostly dark, with the moon, stars, sparse neons and light bulbs as sole sources of light.

Kane Ikin maintains your mind just between awakening and sleep and I would be more than tempted to listen to it while driving at night or while working late. It creates a background you're free to fill with your activities and preoccupations, his subtle cinematic rhythmic evolutions which will keep you alert and focussed on your tasks. 

But maybe I'll stick again with the Mark Nelson comparison as finally I'll find the same utility for this record, injecting his composition in my extended shuffle music library where their occasional appearance of its track will bring oxygen and comfort inside an appeasing grey zone.

"Sublunar" is never as good as when you forget that the record is playing, then suddenly you'll find unexpected  resonance and harmony with his compositions. 

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