20 August 2012

Eiji Mitomi - planet (Childisc, 2007)

I listen to "Planet" ans I ask myself, where I've been these past five years?

Eiji,Mitomi is a musician, guitarist, composer from Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan. This is his third instrumental solo album for Nobukazu Takemura's Childisc Recordings.

The info about Eiji Mitomi is almost non-existent, except on his own website which is published in Japanese.

"Planet" never stops to be amazing. It's a very quiet album, dealing with silence and built mostly around an electric guitar giving a lot of place to silence and dying notes. I'm tempted to compare his production to works by artists such as Hisato Higuchi, Loren Connors, Yuichiro Fujimoto, Aerial M, The For Carnation, Tenniscoats, Padang Food Tigers or Tara Jane O'Neil but that would be just shortcuts and shortcomings.

"Planet" is infinitely quiet, minimal, and marries simple forms and structure with impressively subtle textures and interpretation. The intensity of his own playing transcend his compositions.

There is not a single weak tracks among the compositions of "Planet", and there are many highlights, but it's a demanding and austere record. Like the aforementioned musicians, he is able to play inside a haunting atmosphere of melancholy and contemplation he is creating himself through the process.

I really don't get why such a beautiful record slipped completely under the radar but I hope he won't wait too long before coming back to the scene and release a fourth one.

What I like the most is how his music follows straight lines, goes straight to the point with a fulfilling grace.



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