09 August 2012

Stephan Mathieu - coda (for wk) (2012, 12k)

New CD-EP (one single track of 20 minutes exactly) from Stephan Mathieu on 12k.

Sounds source have veen two antique mechanical-acoustic gramophones, fully processed and transformed digitally on a computer later. 

They were playing recordings from 1927 of the pianist Wilhelm Kempff, an interpretation of  Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 26 Les Adieux.

While listening to "Coda" you find no remaining direct traces of the original, at best part of the atmospheres but mostly they are used contextually in order to feed a reflection.

It's an ambient, drone track with a lot of restraint and depth, with highly subtle and complex textures achieving an impressive limpidity.

I find it incredibly appeasing and emotionally recharging. While ambient music is mostly supposed to contribute to the background ambience or may be tempted by cinematic or emotional movement here the single focus is about meditation,  precision and clarity.

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