17 August 2012

Drops - believe you me (2012, Heat Death)

A few months ago I discovered the lovely summer intimate pastoral songs of Umber, solo project of Alex Steward. 

Liam Hennessy, of Drops, coming from Nottingham//Sheffield, might just be his sibling or best friend as both share a lot of similarities through their solo projects. 

A quick Google search confirmed this bet as it appeared they are indeed close friends.

"Believe you me" is a pastoral, ambient, springlike debut EP whose main difference with Umber would be a stronger attraction for American influences ( Message To Bears (obviously!), but also(early) Album Leaf & Tristeza, Owen (for this considerable intimate warmth and acoustic guitar proximity), maybe the Red House Painters (circa the dreamy "Ocean Beach") and probably The Gloria Record ep's for the ebow and the emotional part, and so many others, while on the UK part, I have no doubt that Epic45 are among his heroes). Compared with Umber, his songs are also relatively warmer, mode direct and very emotional.

Both have this freshness, this candor, this simplicity, this heartfelt naivety which makes their music so attractive and so full of infectious happiness.

Acoustic guitar plays a central role, with keyboards, some percussions, handclaps, ebow, glockenspiel, and sparse whispered vocals.

From start to finish it is a highly impressive debut EP and I've rarely listened to such uplifting music. 

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