23 August 2012

Seaworthy - sleep paths (2012, Slaapwel)

First Wim Maesschalck came with the the concept behind Slaapwel Records, a small record label specialized in music to fall asleep to, then artists belonging to the ambient instrumental scene adopted the idea. "Sleep Paths" by Cameron Webb's Seaworthy project is the eleventh release.

As a listener you're left with sleep-inducing records which don't need to keep your attention but just wish to quiet you down and disarm your brain. Suspense, tension, entrancement and surprise are out of question, so it is works conceived at first for fans of these artists and to those interested by the idea.

The specific project behind "Sleep Paths" started four years ago to end up finally with a seamless composition of 40 minutes which does quite well the intended job. If the start is interesting and the textures are beautiful and refined, you eventually end up in dullness with sleep as lone escape. But it doesn't work for me and just leaves me nervous after 15 minutes.

I rightly prefer the part II, which is a different 29 minutes long version of the first track and is, in a subtle way, dedicated to insomniacs or to those who need to be lulled in a different way. 

You're the only one still awake, the lights are switched off since a certain time and tomorrow will anyways be there, in a matter of a few hours. You see the alarm clock with some worry, remains of city lights enter the room through the window, maybe some moonlight and a few sparkling stars. 

"Sleep Paths II" is then more than welcome to bring you away and exhaust your mind. Where the part I works as a lullaby and just try too hard to succeed, the part II is mostly a story delicately read to you, much less linear, repetitive and smooth, instead there is place for some disorder, imagination and meanderings. It's a much less blurry version. There is a guitar which is walking slowly through the darkness, some field recordings, decaying digital sounds and effects. You can really start to feel elsewhere and forget you're in bed and anxious, instead you'll be tempted to let your own visions, interpretations and feelings submerge you and invite you to progressively lose track with sleeplessness.

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