04 August 2012

Marcus Fischer + The OO-Ray - tessellations 12" (2012, Optic Echo)

Sometimes collaborations between two artists you enjoy as seen as happy events you'll discover full of expectations. But the hopes are rarely met, and if it turns good it is sometimes by chance or by concessions.

Very rarely you can find complementarity and even less ofter symbiosis.

But as soon as I read that Ted Lateras (The OO-Ray) and Marcus Fischer were working on a record together it was bingo, I had the intuition it could be only very very good.

And it is.

There is a lot of spontaneity in Ted Lateras's expression, like a flow of feelings and sensations coming directly with the heart, lacking sometimes of filtration and directions. On the other side, Marcus Fisher is highly selective and methodic, using just a few elements in a highly subtle manner, often focussing more on the process than on the solution. 

In a certain way, if you reduce reality to a simple sentence, this record is where impulsion finally meets induction.  

Some of these tracks are incredibly beautiful and emotional and I'm particularly sensitive to those with a sunny light, when the strings of Ted Laderas are full of warmth and subtle happiness. Then Marcus Fischer digitally processed sounds encompass the whole song with their deep relaxing effects. It happens on five of the seven compositions : "Belong", "Bokeh", "Unfold", "Ghost Lights" and "Tessellation".

Probably there aren't inventing something new but really there is an unique and very personal vision through these tracks which is strangely precious.

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