28 August 2012

Pastoral - pastoral (2012)

I recently reviewed the "Believe you me" EP by Drops, solo project of Liam Hennessy, writing that it sounded close to an American indie influenced version of Umber, solo project of Alex Steward, both from Nottingham, UK.

We are now one step further with a purely American instrumental solo project. Pastoral is Zachary Thachet, from Huntington Beach, California and his debut EP sounds as warm, as positive, as euphoric than the two others, even more. 

Mostly acoustic, his music is highly intimate, sunny, naive and seductive, and brings to mind the emotional post-rock approach of Six Parts Seven, the finger style playing of Mike Kinsella (Owen / American Football) and Mark Kozelek ("Ocean Beach" era Red House Painters), The Photographic's debut album "Pictures of a Changing World", or the early records by Tristeza & The Album Leaf.  

It's an EP which will make you smile, will give you enthusiasm, which has got the perfume of the best sunny spring days. I've been listening to it the whole day, and I've just passed the 100 plays mark on last.fm right now, and it will still rise. 

I know it's a record to keep through seasons, with nice textures and a nice production, honest, humble and so gorgeous.

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