07 August 2012

Linear Bells - summer haze (2012)

Linear Bells is the project of David Teboul, a composer and sound artist based in Nantes, France. 

On "Summer Haze", he produces instrumental music which tends to be layered and finely textured ambient soundscapes. 

Unprocessed field recordings are added in the background giving a vivid link to reality. It provides the aural environment you could get walking in a vast public park with headphones on your ears, the artwork pictures perfectly these sensations of summer meadows, full of flowers, foraging insects, birds and other walkers, but never far from the noises of the city.

I find it difficult to picture where his music is standing, as it is not as minimalist as artists like The Stars of the Lid or Saito Koji, and not as shoegaze or dreamy as Hammock or Josh Varnedore. It is somewhere inbetween but probably just at a different place, mixing elements of reality with surrounding drone atmospheres and you feel like floatintg, perceiving as much as you are invited to introspection.

There are two tracks on this release, the magnificent "Summer Haze" of 26 minutes, and the shorter "This Afternoon or Tomorrow"(8 minutes) which sounds like the aural equivalent of a speleology trip and doesn't totally convince.

"Summer Haze" definitely deserves to be experienced with the interaction and balance between field recordings and linear layers of sound, to an almost hallucinatory level, and David Teboul resume perfectly its effect in the liner notes : "Just lying on the grass, close your eyes and let you lead by the summer chimeras." 

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