05 August 2012

Picture - true EP (2012, Cascine)

New pseudonym for David Kyhlberg: The Morning Paper, Sail a Whale and now Picture; and a first EP.

Which I found mind-blowing. I see parallels with the work of Stumbleine but David is much more belonging to the dreampop, shoegaze & twee scene, uses his own voice and shows an immoderate love for all sounds Fairlight CMI. You may call this dubtstep, chillwave, but mostly it is simply wonderful and heavenly, even if you're bathing into light and warm melancholic feelings.

I never stopped to be amazed by his music, since the first demos of The Morning Paper, when he was still using a guitar.

It is obvious that after a few times listening to these songs, you'll grow an impression of emotional saturation but it's only temporary and a few hours, days, weeks, or months later you'll come again for more blissfulness.

His music simply makes me feel spaced out and the effect of his last EP I maybe even more uplifting.


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