28 August 2012

Federico Durand - El libro de los árboles mágicos (2012, Home Normal)

Fourth album by Federico Durand, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I have the feeling that I never stopped listening to his music since I discovered "La siesta del ciprés", "Elin" and later "El éxtasis de las flores pequeñas".

While starting to listen this new album, I had no special expectations, just the certitude to expand his lovely atmospheres and to welcome a few more of his sensitivity and aesthetic experiences in my daily aural environment.

It marvelously happens, the field recordings are exquisite and his acoustic sounds and digital processing have this glowing aura which is specific to him.

It's music that heals and soothes through it's refinement, humility and poetry. Federico dedicated to a little mountain village in Córdoba, Argentina, called La Serranita, where lives his mother: "Behind the house there is a path which leads to Anisacate river. Here and there you can see bushes, eucalyptus and espinillos which either sleep or blossom in the shelter of the seasons. Sometimes, at dusk, an owl appears while invisible insects whisper among the leaves. And in the vicinity of the mountain path there grow plants of rosemary, mint and other herbs you can make infusions with".

The ambient approach of Federico Durand is relatively classic, it's the way he creates his vaporous textures, giving some freewheeling to elements that makes his music alive, bucolic and organic. It's a body of dreams and nostalgic feelings, a corpus of daydreams and deep sensations you can only get when you're in contact with natural environments, given through the personal artistic perspective of Federico Durand.


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