12 August 2012

Vio/Miré - four songs (2012)

Four new songs by Brendan Glasson, alleviating the wait for a new album, next to the superb "January 2009".

I surrender as soon as "Foxes" starts, as I know his songwriting escapes categorization and makes trial at criticism futile.

Each song is a grower and turns out to be dear.

If the structures seem familiar and usual at first it doesn't take long before losing yourself inside bright, fluid and subtle intricacies. 

Brendan Glasson is able to give a color to the moment you listen to his music. There is no nostalgia, his songs exist with depth in the exact instant you're enjoying them and you'll remember them like that.

He fills both my soul and my brain, without playing the emotional melancholic vibe too much, using classicism with a quite sensitive approach of musical textures. 

None of these song is formatted as a single or as a highlight even if for each one you are convinced he could have done that if he wanted. 

There is a kind of bluff with each song starting until he puts his cards on the table and outmatches every single doubt you might have imagined.

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