06 August 2012

Waves on Canvas - into the northsea (2012, Psychonavigation)

I have bad reasons for listening to "Into the Northsea".

Three singers related to the glory days of 4AD, Louise Rutkowski (This Mortal Coil), Pieter Nooten (Clan of Xymox / Michael Brook) and Ian Masters (Pale Saints / Spoonfed Hybrid) are contributing each one to a single song.

Waves on Canvas is the project of an Italian musician,  Stefano Guzzetti.  He composes soft and delicate instrumental and the whole album could have been released 15 years ago.

It is often beautiful, like on "Twenty Years" but rarely risky. Of course the song with Louise Rutkowsi is somewhat reminiscent of This Mortal Coil circa "Filigree & Shadow" but without the ability to reach the same mystery.

Often it is just merely pleasant and inoffensive, at best beautiful and gentle.

There is just one true highlight, "Starfish", co-written with Ian Masters and it brings me back directly at the center of his own too rare discography, making me ask myself once again why he never found his place after having recorded such graceful and strong songs with The Pale Saints and Spoonfed Hybrid. This song is precious.

The other tracks with vocals are somewhat arty and relatively cold, reminding me of the introspective ethereal side of Piano Magic.

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