25 July 2012

Good Night & Good Morning - narrowing type (2012, Own Records)

"Narrowing Type" is both a demanding and rewarding album. Demanding because it is austere, like a July Skies, like a Bark Psychosis, like a Movietone, like a This Invitation record.

Rewarding as it seems a trademark of many releases of their label Own Records.  You may not feel directly enthralled as it turns mostly into a long term relationship, a pleasure for aesthetes.

Good Night & Good Morning are not wearing their influences on their sleeves. Through a five year process they gained the appropriation of their aesthetic perspectives, their compositions are impressively mature and balanced and if you're swimming in nostalgia it's for living today again those emotions you experienced previously while discovering Hood, Slowdive, Labradford or Talk Talk.

The only complaint could be that they are not covering new grounds, but even if it may sound familiar it is mostly because it resonates deeply with your own sensitive intimacy. You've been walking along these misty paths, you've been breathing this fresh morning air, you've been admiring the sun at dawn, and you'll do it all over again.

Compared with their debut EP, this album is colder, as they removed the intimate warm acoustic parts for more introspective reverb and translucent delicacy. The most striking elements are the impressive finesse and smoothness of textures and structures, and the whole feeling of quietude and depth penetrating through"Narrowing Type".  


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