13 April 2008

1985 - a fountain for pegasus (2005, Masa / Tummy Rock)

This is Matt Fuller's fourth proper release under the 1985 alias. “A foutain for Pegasus” is quite close from what he did on his “Emaline ep”. Melancholic lo-fi folk song with a diy vibe, maybe just a little less intimate, though always close to this state of mind.

This is as always the 4-track sound that seems to come directly from the early nineties where labels and artists like Sebadoh, Shrimper, Wio, The Secret Stars, Minnetonka or Blackbean & Placenta promoted it at first.

I enjoy most of the songs of this release, the indie mentality but at the same time Mat simply redoes what he already wrote and recorded previously. He does it well, so this album is full of nice tracks but without real surprise or novelty and I can avoid the impression that he could have worked a little more on his songs. Because there is brilliance and talent underneath his songwriting that are asking for something more. Even lo-fi needs to be challenging, and I want my breath to be taking away. Each time there is a new element here, like the delay on “The way things are here” or on the very few seconds of “Try in vane” I'm impressed.


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