06 July 2010

Van Der Saar - red circle (2009)

With two full albums under his arms, Allan Lewis convinces me through nostalgia. Sweet memories of full days spent during the nineties listening to indie music. With sadness de rigueur on sleeves. Nothing too typical that would made his songwriting dated, but a loneliness and a lack of sexy features that condemns his songwriting to secrecy.

I like Travels, I like Chauchat, Van der Saar is just another small step along the way in a refuse to getting older or at least to forgot what was important, to dismiss what meant a lot certain days. Disliking these songs would be a renunciation of some musical ideals I had in my late adolescent years, mostly melancholic feelings, during these long gone and now dusty years.

I can't really listen to one of this album from begin to finish without feeling myself somewhat stupid, but I'm hiding sometimes a few of these songs on a shuffle playlist on my way back to home & work. I just wish he would dig up some more new grounds.

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