28 July 2010

Jane Siberry - the walking (1987, Dukes)

Back to the fourth album by this Canadian songwriter compared to Kate Bush and Laurie Anderson and with a few minor mainstream hits in her long discography.

Her music and production clearly belongs to the 80's kind of production. “The walking” is the album where she tried to achieve something more experimental, forgetting for a part about melodic pop songs in order to focus on long and complex songs. It is considered by many as her best album

It's the title tracks that really gives to the album a certain height, and a real depth, “the walking” is a strong song with a surprising structure, very emotional and graceful, desperate but fresh. It reminds me of The Blue Nile, same kind of autumnal despair and brilliant light.

A few other songs are exploring similar atmospheres without reaching the same kind of perfection : “The Lobby” or “The Bird in the Gravel”, while on other songs, the melodic 80's aspects are taking too much importance and make it hard to enjoy, more than twenty years later.

This album is offered as a free download on her website and the title track alone worths it.

the video :

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