26 July 2010

Amman/Josh - places ep (2010, Dynamophone)

If you like July Skies, Hammock, Album Leaf and Harold Budd records, this five tracks ep is the place to be. Ambient, nostalgic, relaxing, ethereal, warm, deliciously beautiful and melancholic, “Places” is easy to cherish and proves to be very pleasant as background music while focussing on other activities.

Each of these tracks is like the capture of graceful moments of introspective admiration and fleeting happiness. It's not really moving but it makes your heart and soul feel lighter for a while.

This is a collaboration between Amman Abbasi (with a solo ep and an album with his brother as The Abbasi Brothers) and Josh Vanderlore (with a debut album soon out on dynamophone). Once again, like with Album Leaf or Vio/Miré, there is a connection with Sigur Ros and a part of this ep has been recorded in Iceland. There is also a collaboration with Hammock on one track.

There is nothing groundbreaking on this ep, it is just highly pleasant, like a fresh sea breeze at the end of a tiring hot summer day.

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