06 July 2010

Tracy Shedd - ep88 (2010, Eskimo Kiss)

Dear Tracy Shedd,

I consider myself as a fan of your songwriting so I don't think I can be impartial. I think I discovered you because you released your first records on Teenbeat and I was enough in indie arty alternative music to cherish this label. To be honest at this time I wasn't really so much into your records, much more into the Unrest, Air Miami, Aden or Tel Aviv, you music was sounding a little bit too typical. But I kept an eye on every release, knowing that someday I could explore it.

And It happened, I discovered accidentally the video for “Won Pas Ten” and the song was stuck in my mind, haunting me for days and I returned to your whole discography in order to find other gems like this one and I found a few ones like “Inside Out”, “Faint Paint Smiles” or “You remind me of someone”, usually the more melancholic ones with sibylline, yet simple, lyrics I still somewhat can relate too. I'm still in the process of evaluating, discovering, enjoying your discography and I'm taking my time.

“Ep88” is the first of your record I was so eager to listen that it was almost the only thing I wanted to listen to the few days after I got it. I was a little bit afraid of the central place given to the piano but quite soon I realized it made your songs even quieter so potentially more pleasant for me.

I went to sleep early yesterday night with my ipod and your ep on it, listening to it for more than an hour in the dark. When I woke up, early this sunday morning I stayed in bed listening to it with the dawn-lights. I really like the first four tracks and completely dislike the last one, too long and too emphatic. I like the humility, the sincerity, the sensitivity, the delicacy behind your songs, that have this same importance I give to other precious songwriters like Jen Wood, Owen or Julie Doiron. A few lyrics and shifts in songs are echoing deeply in me and it has no price.

Oh well and I found your last.fm page and I've been happy to discover we share a few favorites like Low, Trembling Blue Stars, Red House Painters and Yo La Tengo. Thanks for inspiring me and making that way my life easier and happier.

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