28 July 2010

Acetate Zero - crestfallen (2004, Arbouse)

“Cresfallen” is third album by this Parisian indie band. If I used to sing their praise, from “Softcore Paradise” to “Ground Altitude”, and about their ep “Somehow about perfection”, this is where I'll become more difficult, more critical regarding their release.

If you can be indulgent with early releases, there is a time when you expect a certain density, coherence, in a word something finished. They have talent, they are subtle and have developed a certain sensitivity and language but “Crestfallen” is uneven. I quite like a few tracks, I feel some ambiguity about others and a few ones are disappointing.

They are times they too easily fall into the noisy / shoe-gaze / psychedelic / post-rock guitar thing, with instrumental drifting devoid of conceived narrative emotional structure, much more in a jamming way, interesting but with an unfinished status : “Frozen”, “Storm perspective means everything”, “Haze of nostalgia”, “Sunrise”, “I don't know how”, “Drowsiness & Dizziness” (where they could have put vocals easily), “Dust Between” or “Festen”.

Sometimes there is also something almost childish or too adolescent, like the rhythms of “The collide of your mouth”, like the baby voice and the basic e-bow passage on “December sounds like that”, the simplistic xylophone melody on the first part of “Dust between”,

I prefer where they explore songs with free and opened forms, with hints of Bedhead or Movietone, like on the charming “The sad beautiful quintessence”, closer to a pre-Monovalley form on “Ocean Rover”,the darkness, intimacy and melancholy of the superb “Ode to admittance”, the noisy waterfalls of “Bright delight flame” or the moist and blurry atmosphere of the last instrumental “Ascend halti and then head north”.

Better than most bands, they still had ample room for progress on this full length.

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