07 July 2010

S - i'm not as good at it as you (2010, Own)

Here we are finally, six years after "puking & crying" for this third full length of Jenn Ghetto. Back at her bedroom with her 8-track machine, where everything started with her first album "Sadstyle".

The sound quality, the mastering - thanks to Taylor Deupree - are better, songs have a warmer, more positive tone but as soon you hit the play button her songwriting crosses your skin and flows across your bloodstream.

So intimate, so personal, so melancholic, so emotional, that it's difficult to transcribe feelings into words for a review as tears would be surely a better translation. Of course the sadcore / slowcore tage is pretty obvious as she is herself one of the very few genre-defining musicians of this unchosen and rare direction (there is absolutely no surprise to discover Rivulets, Codeine, Spokane, Red House Painters or Idaho in her similar artists list on last.fm).

Of course this record is minimal, her voice, her electric guitar and a few effects as main ingredients, of course the lyrics are obsessional and lack of variation, with a focus on the difficulties of relationships, but the melancholic tension, the subtlety, the finesse only seem greater and better revealed with the simplicity of her setup.

The content of this record like with her previous releases is so arresting, so deeply interpretable that it has got almost companion qualities, that you can almost feel naked, weakened while listening, making. That's art.


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