30 July 2011

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - love is a stream (2010, Type)

A strong monolithic impression, "Love is a Stream", a huge iceberg, the size of an island, is drifting slowly on a quiet sea, towards warmer climates, with all nuances of white and blue, its cliffs reflecting on the dark ocean water and contrasting with the deep foggy sky.

At equal symmetrical distance between "Music For Nitrous Oxide" by The Stars of the Lid and Belong's "October Language", My Bloody Valentine-esque to the core, but devoid of shoegazing archetypes, reinventing what was considered as marked out by Windy & Carl and peers, here we are.

For Jefre Cantu-Ledesma it is also a symbolic continuation of what he did with "Love loops" as both albums are quite introvert, quiet and intimate, and if love is again the subject, indeed the loops have been replaced by streamed sounds, would it be processed guitar sounds, synthesizer drones or blurred vocals. 

I feel like swimming through ecstatic melancholy, following an invitation to hypnosis and there is no decompression chamber, you start to dive directly with "Stained Glass Body", swept away by powerful streams of processed ethereal guitar sounds, breathing inside a waterfall, dazzled by bright lights, until the abstraction of swirl tension with "Start Garden', reemerging finally at a quiet and silent surface of water.

Walking towards the powerful wind with a Labradford-esque "Loving Love", full of warmth, wet eyes, twirling hair and a feeling of weightlessness, high speed flying and landing. Waking up and regaining slowly consciousness on "Where I end & you begin" before surfing on top of a crystalline rogue wave.

Soothing on "Body within body", before returning to full propulsion with the harsher "Where you end & I begin", reaching stratosphere on "Orbiting Love" and progressively suffering from the lack of air, before the long free-fall hallucinatory parachuting of "White Dwarf Butterfly', pursued by an instant of self-reflection full of loneliness and melancholy, "Womb night".  

Then the atmospheric "River Like Spine" unfolds like the opening of a view on plains landscape late autumn during a hike, even more atmospheric and reminiscent of Robin Guthrie works, "Wild Moon & Sea" is both ethereal and icy, before a darker and nocturnal "Mirrors Death".

A surprisingly good album which surrounds and wraps you with a special aura.


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