08 July 2011

Steiner - untitled (2011)

Sometimes, records come out of nowhere, a first release from a new musician, from a relatively unexpected place, and please you without even trying to hard.

Stijn Huwels lives and works in Brussels, has been playing music for years but never felt he could pass the border and actually release something. Everything changed during a summer night, suffering of insomnia, he decided to play music instead and started to experiment with electric guitar, e-bow and laptop, and rapidly achieved the draft of "Untitled". Pleased with it, he decided to release it by himself as a CDR.

 If not revolutionary, his music still proposes an original dimension which might recall certain works of Scott Tuma, The Stars of The Lid or Rameses III, but with a more abstract and introspective optic not unlike the sound textures of 12K artists such as Marcus Fisher or Jodi Cave, while generating an atmosphere of warmth, quietness and mediation. 
While not devoid of imperfections,"Untitled" offers a lasting impression and makes you want to listen to his future works. It's really pleasant to let this 26 minutes track to play in the background in repeat mode as it infuses calmness and peacefulness, shutting down all perceptible agitation around.

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