17 September 2010

Deep Waters - two songs ep (2010)

David Spalvieri-Kruse. David Spalvieri-Kruse. David Spalvieri-Kruse. I try to memorize his name. It's just that his ep puts me in such a state of chock that I presume I better write his name in my mind directly.

21 years old, from Kalamazoo, Michigan and studying at Machias, Maine (information found thanks to the lack of privacy of social networks). And touched by grace.

Two songs but in fact, a single song of almost ten minutes and divided in two parts : "Never Really Alone" and "The Stillness" and sharing the same theme, as yes, it's not simply a melody or a pop song, but a fragment magnified with subtlety, repeated and developed again and again.

I've listened to this ep at least thirty times now and it won't stop to rise during the next days and I'm still not sure to fully grasp the full meaning and depth of it. Not that the song is complex, it is in fact really minimalist with just piano, keyboard and sparse vocals, and a complete mistery.

It is not musically or vocally perfect and it's perfect like that because then he has got room for progress about it. But this song, this song, this song... totally kills me... and this voice...

I know, it is out of proportion for someone who is just releasing his first demo with still hesitant songs on it but the names I had in mind directly while listening at first were those of Chris Bell, Tim Buckley, Mark Kozelek (early Red House Painters records), Duncan Sumpner (Songs of Green Pheasant), Nathan Amundson (Rivulets) and Bill Callahan ( Smog albums circa "Red Apples Fall" / "The Doctor came at dawn"). But once that admitted, I want to add that, with his songwriting, he is closely related to none of them. Deep Waters is a totally different beast, a very personal intimate exploration of abysses. This is slowcore / sadcore at its best.

You need to listen to these songs with headphones and with your full attention because each tiny detail, imperfection or fragile hesitation makes sense and puts you in a blissful and euphoric melancholic state of mind. His compositional work around slowness, tension, emotions, silence seem so natural that you don't really understand how you feel so detached from reality and floating in weightlessness.

Also the way the two songs are interconnected never stops to amaze me. "Never Really" comes to an end, then like a phoenix, from its ashes rises the even more magnificent "The Stillness", using the same elements for a new epiphany.


Here you go => http://www.mediafire.com/?fx2l6cre4xexs1z


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