06 September 2010

Jupitter Goes Quattrocento - belo abismo (2010, PERKuNowA)

Time passes and nothing changes, a track on a compilation in 1999, a few self-released demos and CDR, mp3eps on Sundays in Spring (2007) and Beatismurder (2008) and now on PERKuNowA, "Belo Abismo".

Are we deeper below or are we admiring the abysses from above through a telescope, or are we subjects ourselves, exploring all around us as we are sinking, too, a world within a world, how much our perception, our past and emotions can influence the acceptation of what a record offers.

"Belo Abismo" will be obtuse for some, haunted for others, not sure there is a key to enter or if I have it this time, but once you are in there is always enough room for imagination, as much abyss as labyrinth. Compared with his discography this release iss particularly dark and soaked. 

It confirms Sébastien Karkoszka as captain of the strangest (ghost) ship of the Belgian indie scene, mixing various streams and currents for a stormy record, exploring his most experimental side so far. 

I usually prefer when it goes into a lull, for me, his most minimal parts with restraint and nuances are without doubt his best and more meaningful ones. Such moments are quite rare on this release, usually the tracks run aground in an useless debauchery of effects, which  don't really serve the purpose and dissolve the core of the tracks. I don't mean I wanted something more traditional , gentle or conventional, just something less gratuitous because the talent is obvious. 

Jupitter Goes Quattrocento - "Known Paths" (+ feat. Jean DL)
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Jupitter Goes Quattrocento - 'Carry Ghosts'
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Jupitter Goes Quattrocento - 'Belo Abismo' - [perk006] by PERKuNowA

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