30 September 2010

The Morning Paper - making you up (2007, Cloudberry)

A trio from Stockholm, Sweden, two boys, one girl. Two songs plus an instrumental for a limited CDR release on the twee label Cloudberry Records. In fact mostly the solo project of David Kyhlberg, brain, soul and songwriter behind this mind-blowing and wonderful EP.

Really, it's no supposed to be so incredibly good.

I could resume this as “Brighter/Field Mice meets Slowdive” : melancholic twee meets ethereal shoegazing.

But, it's much more than that there is a strong presence, an emotional sensitivity that leaves me speechless.

“Making you up” and “Fingers Crossed” are just two extraordinary songs. His and her vocals are just perfect like the music, with reverb, delay, feedback, crystalline pads, moving and melancholic ambiances, joyful and desperate dynamics.

Two songs to listen again and again, loudly, while running down the grassy slope, celebrating endlessly the beautiful ambiguity between euphoria and melancholy, refreshing blissfulness and heartwarming  intimacy.

Listening to this ep is like falling in love. But while love can be ephemeral, this ep is not. I fell in love with it in 2007, again in 2008, again in 2009, and in 2010 I'm ready to admit as one of my all-time classics, a perpetual breath of fresh air.

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