05 July 2011

The Apartments - black ribbons (2011, Chapter Music)

A new single, with two versions of the same song, one autumnal and the other spring-like,"Black Ribbons", Peter Milton Walsh is back behind The Apartments, with soft and sensitive guitars, a gorgeous melancholic, romantic and desperate melody, and sharing vocals with Natasha Penot on one of the two versions.

Nothing new under the sun, just a new great song by this mythical Australian songwriter, as a long delayed new echo of his "Mr. Somewhere" which started in 1985 a charm still alive for his fans, as as a promise of a seventh album, almost, yes, fifteen years after "Apart" (1997).

One of the two versions (the Spring one) is offered as a free download on the website of the french Magic RPM magazine. The experience is very much like smelling a fragrant rose bush in the early morning (Spring version) or as the sun is disappearing (Autumnal), on one side fresher and bracing and at the other side entrancing and heady.

It is an unexpected, precious and ravishing pleasure, no surprise that I favor the slower slowcore autumnal version, drinking rooibos tea at the end of a warm summer day.



  1. I've bought the MP3s from Amazon. Does anybody know if there's a physical copy available anywhere. Would love this on vinyl.

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  3. yes it's available on vinyl. i've got a copy, sounds great!
    not sure where you can buy it yet (i was lucky enough to snag a promo copy) but hit up the label that's putting it out info-at-chaptermusic-dot-com-dot-au and I'm sure they'll sort you out.