22 August 2011

Dads - brush your teeth, again ;) (Get Into It, 2011)

Their music is identified as twinkle (emo). 

With screamo, emo.... so nineties and progressively devoid of their initial meanings and with the passing of time changing perceptions, it is often safer to invent and adopts other tags, in order to revive a certain innocence and authenticity, a right balance between spontaneity and elitism.

Scott Scharinger (Guitar/Vocals) and John Bradley (Drums/Bass/Vocals) know where they are coming from, their references, the past and present of their style of music, and are able to make it sound true, brilliant and powerful.

"Emo/post-/screamo/math/indie" - "pop/core/rock", "Brush your teeth, again :)" is  much more serious and demanding than what it looks a first, and their humor is just the transcription of how playful and fluid their music is, somewhere on this long road between Joan of Arc/Cap'n Jazz and Dinosaur Jr/Built To Spill , but dealing with an up to date grammar and style, a freshness and a sense of texture which may recall Van Pelt or Boy's Life while the melodies are a kind of just more intellect version of Algernon Cadwallader.

If not truly inventing something new, Dads are still good runners and "brush your teeth, again ;)" is a quite pleasing and entertaining release. 

The most interesting parts is when they slow things down and start to play around tension and release, like with "Pass me the ball",  or inject some melancholy like on the second part of "I didn't say pass me the ball". My favorite track is "Dan's D'Angelo Impersonation" where they embrace some quietness and put in hyphens the screamo part. 

Probably they will finally become too old for screaming and explore this direction more largely.

Dads - "Dan's Christopher Walken Impersonation" from Village Basement Sessions on Vimeo.

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