08 August 2011

Nobuto Suda - the locus of life (2011)

Nobuto Suda hails from Hushimi in Kyoto, uses an electric guitar and marries it with various field recordings to create ambient drone. 

All the money from this album is donated to the tsunami and earthquake relief via the Japanese Red Cross.

"The locus of life" is an austere and powerful work, which is better played at high volume. It is emblematic of the genre and you could call all masters as references (starting with Basinski, Stars of the Lid, Budd//Eno and so on) but you would fail at resume it as it is so vast and this present record is so massive. Probably citing the photographer Elger Esser as an influence would be closer to achieving the circle.

Four tracks, simply named "Variation 1" to "Variation 4", and circulating around a single atmosphere for an highly meditative work. You are moving around in a bubble, yellow sunset in full bloom, like a forever postponed dark night. I'm just surprised of not hearing field recordings behind the guitar drones and layers. 
It's a pleasant and relatively impressive work but the effect is mostly anesthetizing, more narcoleptic than dream inducing, so serious and formal, than Nobuto Suda forgot to add a personal touch.

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