11 August 2011

Narrative - ep (2010)

Narrative is the solo project of Lewis Gorham, a musician from Melbourne, Australia, apparently 23 years old and that's all, no more info.

I'm not sure this EP has been properly released and I have no idea how I came across his Soundcloud page, but coming back to this bookmark as few days ago, I decided I wanted to know more about Narrative.

Three tracks for a total length of 29 minutes, which could have been released on Hibernate, Audio Gourmet or Under The Spire, indifferently, as it totally embraces the neo-classical / ambient / drone / field recordings features of this scene and fans of Antonymes or Hummingbird won't be disoriented.

Melancholic piano with keyboards, drone, electronics and field recordings, three slow and monotonous compositions, full of moist despair, of warm loneliness, of bleak vague and vacant landscapes. 

I particularly enjoy the third track, "Night of the violins", with its exquisite feelings of disgrace and fever, where in 14 minutes, Lewis Gorham overpowers the rest of his EP and really puts you down, gasping for air.

It is a track installed slowly with no obvious epicness but which progresses inadvertently with the flow of emotions and surprises you with its acuity, making your heart stutter.

The second track suffers from the comparison, delayed drifting piano lines under rainy field recordings, which are floating without true direction, generating some frustration.

The opening track, "I dropped it in the lake" stands between the two, establishing a beautiful climate which reminds me of 1 Mile North but forgets to let it evolve.

Then, this EP could be resumed to the last track which is also half the length of the release. There Lewis Gorham definitely reaches another category and leaves a mark, humble and majestic.


night of violins by narrative

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