10 March 2012

Daw Nusk - hunter gatherer (2012, Panda Fuzz)

Daw Nusk is the solo project of Todd Klempner, he mixes field recordings with ambient drone layers, achieving interesting aural perspectives. 

There are no melodies, nor the will to please or to sound "beautiful", much more the desire to translate the depth and variations of colors from different but not to dissimilar atmospheres, experienced by patient observers.

Though the field recordings are never playing the dominant role, the way he selects them and use them as a way to occupy the space seems to be influenced by Chris Watson works, like with the seabirds singings on "The sky is the land".  When he uses A.M. radio recordings during the intro of "Tarkovsky's Mistake" it's the David Sylvian  / Holger Czukai collaborations that I have in mind but his exploration turns next into something much more vaporous and minimalist, opening a wide open blue sky in the mind, with appeasing results.

"Swallow" is more aerial and windy with a symphonic rise à la Stars of the Lid / Dead Texan during the second part. Next track, "Tribal Effect" is like the evocation of urban industrial landscapes under heavy smog and "Up from the ground" closes the album on a more solar mood but both track fail to escape to a generic sound.

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