03 March 2012

Scaresthedaylights - burn the bed (2009, White Shoe)

Scaresthedaylights is the solo project of Neil Lipuma and a really strange indie object both exploring common grounds but with an outsider approach.

Recorded in 2009, it really could have been composed in 1989 as it mostly belong to the esthetic era which offered artists such as The Go-Betweens or Speed The Plough, with their warm slow bucolic melodies. The only recent reference I could think of would be
Oddfellows Casino.

Eight songs for twenty-one minutes, it's s short debut which totally slipped under the radar and even escaped my attention during three years among a pile of unchecked CD, until I noticed it and found the video for "Confetti" on youtube.

The highlight is "Divorces", a splendid and intense melodic melancholic song,which ends the record, its correspondent, "Shirley Maclaine", which opens "Burns the bed" with the same urge fails to convince me.

In between you have six quieter songs which present a more introvert side of Scaresthedaylights with "Out of tune", a typical piano love song "Baritone Love", the sweet summer bucolic melancholy of "Confetti", and the fragile innocence of "Masquerade". 

I'm less convinced when he tries more nervous vintage melodies such on "Lionchair" and "Oregon Again".

A nice debut album with interesting directions.

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