01 March 2012

Dean McPhee - son of the black peace (Blast First Petite, 2011)

It's a dark record, but not as dark as it seems, because it is also vivid and vibrant. It features four instrumentals played at the electric guitar, with a few minimal effects, for a total length of 36 minutes.

There is something from Loren Connors, but without the bluesy parts, and something from Durutti Column but not as melodic or intilmate. It is mostly contemplative but never too abstract or, obsessive, just filling the space, more descriptive and atmospheric than purely personal and melancholic.

Dean McPhee, a young musician from West Yorkshire, UK, is mostly a brilliant guitarist and an erudite listener of various styles of music, with obvious folk, slowcore (Low's guitars) and post-rock references.

Each composition is inviting, developing its own universe calmly but without provoking ruptures or crossing the usual borders. It is easy to adhere to this music, like with "Power of Nines", floating along the reverberated atmosphere, something like a cold nocturnal walk, the mind full of expectations and regrets.

Even if its convincing, like with "Golden Bridge", it is mostly alignments with standards, as he never flirts with true experimentation, never pushes his compositions closer to or outside the limit.

My favorite track is "Cloud Forest", where he is using delay and more processing, creating drone waves and opening the door for something more personal, with empty spaces where just a few whispering sounds introduce mystery and hesitations.

I enjoy this record, it is nicely composed and recorded but I have the feeling there is a potential for something stronger, more original and more subtle.


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