26 February 2012

Kate Carr - brisbane river (Flaming Pines, 2011)

"Brisbane River" is part of a project called "Rivers Home", conceived and released on Flaming Pines, a label run by Kate Carr.

10 artists are invited to release three inch-cd EP developed around the theme of rivers as some of the most vulnerable eco-systems worldwide. Each artists "explores" the river he is familiar with.

This is the first EP of the series I discovered and I'm also looking forward listening the one Marcus Fischer did for Willamette river.

The sixteen minute long composition is utterly superb, haunted and deeply melancholic, it is played mostly on a reverberated electric guitar with processed contact mic field recordings of water in the background.

Ir reminds me of Roy Montgomery circa "Temple IV" and to some Loren Connors works with a warmer, both oceanic and desertic approach, translating like many Australian musicians, this idea of immensity with a strong sense of intimacy.

I guess some of the despair comes as an echo of the last years floods which devastated a part of the riverbed, but she is still and always going on, like the permanent flow of water. The cinematic approach makes her sound like an hypothetical intersection between the aesthetic worlds of other Australian artists like Matt Rösner, Seaworthy and Bluetile Lounge. 

It is a highly impressive EP with a strong identity, and through the monotony, disintegration, repetitions and melancholic evolutions of the guitar theme, you're really grabbed inside the composition, floating, breathing more deeply and slowly, trying to keep hope.


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