10 February 2012

David Andree - in streams (2011, Sunshine Ltd)

I find it difficult to imagine that this album was only released as a tape on Sunshine Ltd, as it is an obvious and intense masterpiece which I found as essential as "Composite" by Pasture,  another glorious unknown but essential album.

Already for the eleven minutes of "It comes in waves (and settled in my chest)", "In streams" is worth recognition and praise.  It's difficult to imagine a more beautiful track, of course it reminds me of the Stars of the Lid and  William Basinski, but there is an emotional intensity and a warm intimacy which they've never been able to translate with such a joyful immersive limpidity. It slowly fills you with ecstatic melancholy, using just drones and waves of sound, coming to die on the beach where you are lying, slowly overwhelming you with transcendental emotions and an incomparable state of well-being.

Two tracks are leading to this central piece. "A Front" opens the record like dispersed layers of smog floating on a valley just before a red powerful sunrise translated by "Breach (surrounded)".

Opening the second part of the album, "Gradually Drifting Along" is an afternoon lazy walk in a park or a refreshing walk on a forest path one hot summer day.  

Again, on "Eventually Lifting", David Andree slowly lets emotions arise and invade you and it sounds like enjoying blue sky and summer light, or like watching the milky way at the countryside, feeling both lonely and tiny in front of the immensity. 

The last track "Only to Disappear in the Distance" is exactly about this record going to an end very progressively like a slow return to reality, emerging to the light of a day through detachment and growing distance. 

The analog sound, the choice of minimalism and a precise and sensitive use of subtlety and warmth make of this record and essential release.

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