20 February 2012

Foxes in Fiction - alberto ep (Orchid Tapes, 2010)

Since the release of "Swung from the branches", fist album, but mostly a compilation of tracks, things have been quite quiet with the Foxes in Fiction discography, with just a "7inch" in 2011.

His more recent consistent release is this 7 songs EP from late 2010, which one, slipped out of my mind until recently, when I discovered a splendid cover of Felt's "The World Is As Soft As Lace" he recently uploaded, which decided me to give it a listen to "Alberto".

Then mostly, I discovered "Sadiya" and realized his successful cover of my favorite Felt song wasn't an accident but but another confirmation of his talent.

"Sadiya" is such a splendid, deep, slow and melancholic song, both mournful and graceful, timeless. This song really stands apart on this release and obviously represents a strong milestone in his songwriting. I think while listening to "Swung from the branches" it was the kind of song I hoped he would write someday and it finally happened. It leaves me speechless while I'm listening, breathing deeply, feeling both human and fragile.

The opening track, "Bathurst" is a pure Fox In Fiction song, lively, intimate and both moving and comforting, but still dreamy and almost shoegaze. Often on this ep the melodies and guitars strangely remind me of the Cocteau Twins, like on "School Night" or on the more conventional "Borders". There is also a charming alternate version of "Fifteen Ativan", where I can feel the influence of Felt.

The short instrumental "To Josef, In Texas" (2:20), both vaporous and feverish is strangely convincing as Warren Hildebrand really translates both his hopes and hesitation, creating an invigorating small piece with what could have just been an interlude.

The closing track, "OCAD Flu" is mostly an experimental freestyle song which progressively almost turn into a kind of dreamy psychedelic hymn.

Highly recommended.


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