21 February 2012

Looking Glass & Vio/Miré - split ep (Tip Top, 2011)

Things have been really quiet for Brendan Glasson (Vio/Miré) since the release of "January 2009', with just this split EP in 2011.

It features two tracks from both songwriters. 

Jim Wallis (Looking Glass) is opening with what looks a first as a conventional indie song,  "Infinite Wisdom", until a nice impulsion changes the perspective during the second half. I wish this evolution could have been much more anticipated by tiny elements during the first part and would have gained the lead at the end instead of politely staying in the background.

I prefer his second song, "If you see something, say something", more intimate and whispered with acoustic guitar and banjo,  and a nice urgency buried underneath, which makes me promise to listen to more of his music.

Honestly, the main reason for falling for this EP is the Vio/Miré contribution with two extraordinary songs.

I'm simply standing in awe in front of the speakers as they play "Ivory Gull" and "Much That Could Be Found" over and over again. "Ivory Gull" mixes electronic rhythms, keyboards and his vocals. Maybe I could trace parallels with the type of textures used by The Album Leaf, but in terms of subtlety, depth and nuances, he more than surely totally wins, with a metaphorical melancholy more akin to the figures of style songwriters like Mark Kozelek (Red House Painters / Sun Kil Moon) or Jeff Martin (Idaho) have developed through their discography.

And if "Ivory Gull" makes you lower your defenses, his second track just enters your heart more easily, "Much That Could Be Found" adds the acoustic guitar to the game and you just want to sing along in the wind and rain, feeling your eyes getting wet.


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