25 February 2012

Umber - earth feet, lifted (2011, Hawk Moon)

The good thing with this EP is first, that it made me listen once again to "For Carl Sagan" on Tarentel's first album, to the first album by This is a Process of a Still life or to Sonna's "Smile and the world smiles with you". 

"Umber" is a two track release of eleven minutes from Alex Steward, a young musician from UK.

He plays post-rock music, in a both humble, emotionally, soft and incandescent way. It sounds like the first warm days of spring, full of bucolic naivety, but this with the disappearing melancholy of winter in the background.
Of course, such post-rock instrumentals are not a novelty but they are played them with such a disarming innocence and a remarkable subtlety, translating such a personal intimacy and peacefulness,  that all you can do is just admit that this is a wonderful release.

Finally, through his music, you already notice he is escaping the clichés of the genre, as there is a highly personal dimension, a singularity, and a sense of purity and elevation, that also could be related to other bands like Padang Food Tigers, Penguin Cafe Orchestra. 

Future will tell if this EP is just an exception or just the start of a promising discography, but right now, all you have to do is to enjoy these two beautiful tracks. 

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