11 February 2012

Megan & Amelia - demo ii & iii (2011)

There is no Megan and there is no Amelia behind these two demos, but the solo project of Ryan Fleischer, bassist of Matsuri and DEERS!, two screamo/hardcore bands. 

But what he records and writes solo is centuries away, much more akin to the works of artists such as The Secret Stars, Owen, Talons', Havergal, S, Low or Vio/Miré.
Among the six songs of these two demos, three of them clearly stand apart as much more refined, introverted, atmospheric, intimate and subtle, avoiding the lo-fi cliches used on the three other ones.

The voice Ryan is mostly convincing when he whispers and that way he really transmits really nice melancholic feelings and emotions. These three songs are slow and monotonous, and deserve the sadcore tag, they are slow progressions both open and under control, delivery a nice continuous tension and sensation of release like the vision of a quiet open landscape. 

He is not writing typical classic songs and I would not be surprised that he  enjoyed some shoegazing music as parallels could almost be done with Chuzzlewit, Carissa's Wierd or some intimate Hood songs. 

Each of these three songs, "Kids", "Vai Vai" and "I'll see you later, Scabies. I'll see you later, forever.' is simply out of the ordinary and immediate true classics for me. If he goes on in such direction, he'll soon become one of my very few favorite artists ever. 

I just guess that the only factor of comparison I can use on these three songs is their length as the longer he takes to install an atmosphere, using repetitions and ambient layers, the stronger and more intense it becomes.

I rarely feel so spaced out and in such a state of melancholic bliss while listening to songs. Truly mind-blowing.

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