22 February 2012

Nobuto Suda - sensitive fields (2010, Tobira)

An edition of 50 hand numbered tapes, now exhausted and now offered as a digital download, "Sensitive Fields" is one more of these ambient drone records released by Nobuto Suda, a musician from Kyoto, Japan.

Two tracks of 20 minutes exactly, two blurry, hazy muffled warm drones,  which leave you drifting, casting off without destination.

I find the a-side, "Sensitive Fields", a little bit too lifeless, and without obvious landmark, like slipping out of consciousness progressively, without being able to resist. 

I am much more charmed by "Blue Sky", which is wider and richer combination of layers and textures, somewhat closer to the Windy & Carl ambient explorations, echoing the dreamy and shoegaze dimension of ambient music, bathed in light.

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